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Personality DNA

Personality and career have a similar relationship

careertyping uses an advanced, rigorously-tested methodology to cross-analyze your personality with careers that you’ll likely find stimulating and fulfilling. It’s based on your strengths, motivators, and social expectations—so expect to learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Your personality DNA (how you act and feel, what you are interested in, what you need from others) is just as unique as your genetic DNA. And similar to how your genetic DNA helps determine your appearance, your personality DNA directly impacts your career fit or "careertype" in different roles.

How careertyping uses your personality DNA

Robust data paired with guidance that gives you clarity and self-awareness

Career fit based on more dimensions of personality

Other popular career assessments are based solely on the Holland Codes, which match personality styles to job roles. While we measure that data too, careertyping goes much deeper by also analyzing your key motivators and the support you expect from your peers and work environment, which has a significant impact on career satisfaction.

Detailed reporting on your own competitive edge

How can you feel confident in your career search if you don’t know your own strengths? careertyping uncovers your leadership traits, productive work styles, and more. We reflect this personality data in clear language so that you can be self-aware as you make your next career move.

Custom tips for your job search

careertyping uses a multifaceted approach to help you find your ideal career. After you have explored your job matches, you can then leverage our custom tips (based on your personality) for prioritizing your job search, overcoming obstacles, and preparing for interviews.

The science behind careertyping

The Birkman Method assessment

careertyping uses a methodical and modern approach built on decades of rigorous psychometric testing. The careertyping questionnaire and scoring algorithms are powered by Birkman®, a highly advanced and respected behavioral and occupational assessment with over 65 years of scientific research and validity testing.

The Birkman Method assessment was developed by psychologist Dr. Roger Birkman, a pioneer in bringing personality discussions into the workplace. Since its founding, Birkman has continually improved its algorithms to maintain the strictest standards. For these reasons, Birkman is the workplace personality assessment of choice by notable Fortune 500 companies and organizations around the world.

Science by Birkman
Validity & reliability
Validity and Reliability

Validity: the degree to which an assessment measures what it’s intended to measure
Reliability: the degree to which an assessment is repeatable and consistent in its results

Validity and reliability are the key metrics for measuring the quality of a personality assessment. Few assessments match the validity and reliability standards of Birkman, which is why careertyping is such an accurate predictor of long-term job satisfaction.

Positive psychology
Positive Psychology

Birkman aligns with positive psychology—an area of scientific study dedicated to flourishing in one’s life. Positive psychology researchers have found that your well-being is directly correlated to feeling engaged in your work. At careertyping, these findings fuel our mission—helping you find the right career that fits with your unique personality.

By using a scientifically-sound assessment paired with empowering insights that enhance your job search, careertyping is the best self-discovery tool to help you discover your future career.