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The FAQ library below should cover most of your questions about careertyping. If you have any additional questions about our unique approach or what to expect, click here, or just reach out to us!

Our technical support team is available at support@careertyping.com.

About careertyping

Why should I choose careertyping for my career search?

careertyping helps you navigate your career search because of our data-driven methodology, easy-to-follow process, and thorough understanding of personality. Not only has the complex and rich data behind careertyping been researched for over 65 years, we also take you through this journey step-by-step—you'll see how each of the unique variables influence your top career matches and gain valuable insights along the way.

Is careertyping helpful for people like me?

careertyping is helpful if:

  • You feel overwhelmed and need something to help guide you through your career search
  • You don't know what the first step should be in your education or job search
  • You hope to learn more about who you are to create a meaningful future
  • You need a reliable tool to help you validate your dreams and career ambitions

What does careertyping measure?

careertyping measures several dimensions of your personality. For example, we examine your strengths, needs, interests, and leadership traits. We use this information about you to create a personality profile, and, through our extensive occupational database and career profiles, we create scientifically-based suggestions for the careers where you are most likely to find satisfaction and fulfillment.

How is careertyping different from other career or personality tests?

careertyping is a unique assessment, as it examines both your behavioral traits and occupational interests. It is important to have both data points when deciding which careers are best for you, because who you are as an individual is equally important as what you enjoy doing. This careertyping social science is powered by The Birkman Method.

In addition to your career matches, careertyping also provides valuable information for all parts of the career journey. You will gain valuable insights about your personality, occupational interests, natural leadership traits, and tips for approaching your interview that are all custom to you!

What does "Science by Birkman" mean?

"Science by Birkman" means that your careertyping data is based on The Birkman Method—a personality assessment used around the globe. The reason Birkman fuels our methodology is because it combines behavioral and occupational data to get a rich understanding of who you are and how that relates to the world of work. Birkman, the science behind careertyping, has withstood the test of time in terms of its reliability and validity.

How accurate is careertyping?

careertyping is a methodology that allows you to create informed, scientifically-backed hypotheses about the best careers for your personality, with insights based on decades of research and testing.

So, is careertyping accurate? Absolutely, yes.
Is careertyping going to predict your future with 100% certainty? No, and neither can any other assessment. The careertyping information provides accurate and reliable information to make career decisions easier.

What you need to remember is that personality is never absolute, and everyone has their own story and values to overlay on their careertyping results. Therefore, for the most accurate understanding of your results, you must use your judgement to understand why and how those careers resonate with you.

What is O*Net and why does it matter?

The Department of Labor's O*Net is the nation's primary source of occupational information!

O*Net is used by millions of people every year because it provides valuable data to supplement your career search. The best part is that O*Net is directly integrated into the careertyping process (just click your suggested job titles in the careertyping report), allowing you to dig deeper into your career matches with a simple click of a button.

Data available on O*Net:

  • Education and skills needed for different jobs
  • Average salary by location
  • Trends in demand/job openings in the industry
  • And much more!
What is the minimum age to take careertyping?

We recommend that individuals be 16 years of age or older before they begin their careertyping journey. It's not that we don't think anyone younger than 16 should have career dreams; as a matter of fact, we encourage it! However, your personality DNA doesn't take full shape until you've reached early adulthood, and the more settled you are in your interests and behavioral styles, the more accurate the results will be for future success in our suggested career matches.

Is careertyping available in languages other than English?

careertyping is not yet available in any languages other than English.

About the questionnaire

How much does careertyping cost?

The careertyping report is available for $129.00.

Included in this fee is access to our questionnaire, your custom PDF report, and valuable data to support your career journey. Since we provide you with instant access to your career insights through a digital report, once you have saved the file to your computer, you can print the report or save for later review.

I want to purchase careertyping for someone else—how can I do that?

To purchase careertyping for another individual, you should:

  • Complete the purchase online
  • Forward the email you receive from us containing the link to the careertyping questionnaire to the desired individual
  • Let the person know about careertyping, share this website with them, and wish them luck!

Please remember that the link emailed to you can only be used once, so if you forward the link to someone, make sure they understand it is a unique link meant only for them.

Why do I need to be careful about forwarding my careertyping email to someone else?

The email you receive from us contains a unique hyperlink to take the questionnaire. This means that if you forward it to someone else, they're taking "your" questionnaire for you.

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

There are 298 questions you will answer (consisting of true / false and multiple choice). It should take you about 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

We know what you're thinking... thirty whole minutes!? But remember, this is one of the most important parts of the careertyping process—collecting data about who you are to analyze your personality DNA (which is the foundation for the careertyping matches and suggestions).

What do I need to take the questionnaire?

To complete the questionnaire, you will need:

  • An email address you can use to access the questionnaire link after purchase (this can either be your own or the email of someone who is helping you)
  • A computer or mobile device to complete the questionnaire
  • Reliable internet access
  • About 30 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • A fresh and relaxed mind!

I had to stop the questionnaire before I finished it. How do I resume taking it?

No worries—it's very simple to resume the questionnaire by re-clicking the same link you started with. All answers will be saved from the previous session, so you can pick up where you left off. It's best to complete the questionnaire in one sitting, but if you get interrupted, you can finish it later.

Can I take the questionnaire a second time?

While you can take the questionnaire a second time, we don't recommend it (and you'll have to pay for it again). Since your personality is deeply rooted in who you are, it's unlikely your results will change much from one instance to the next.

If you are second-guessing your answers or think you've changed since previously taking the careertyping questionnaire, you likely haven't changed as much as you might expect. Birkman—the company behind the questionnaire—conducts test-retest studies, which have shown repeatedly that most people's results do not change over time—even decades later.

About your report

How soon do I get my results?

We don't hold up your career journey! Your custom careertyping report is available for download as soon as you complete the questionnaire. If you need to download another copy of your report sometime in the future, simply re-click the link you used to take the questionnaire originally and you can download it again.

What format is my report in?

Your report is available in PDF file format after completing the questionnaire.

The careertyping report uses the PDF format so that it's compatible with many devices, and it's easy to print and save. You're also able to click the job titles listed in the Career Analysis section of the report. These job titles link to O*Net, the nation's largest database for career research, so you can explore salary information, industry demand, and more.

I forgot to download my report. How can I get another copy?

Make sure to save the original email you receive from careertyping, because the link that you use to take the questionnaire is the same link that you use to access your report once you've completed the questionnaire. You can re-click this link at any time in the future to download your careertyping report again.

What if my dream job is not a top career match in my report?

Just because you don't have a high match to your dream job doesn't mean that you shouldn't continue to pursue that career. We encourage you to talk with individuals in the field to learn more about the "ins and outs" of the job to see if it's what you're expecting.

Let's say your dream job is to be an engineer, but the career was ranked low on your job titles list. Here are some important things to consider:

  • You may approach engineering in a different way than your colleagues
  • You may be motivated to be an engineer for reasons that are different from other people
  • You may bring a different set of strengths to the occupation than most people do
  • You may face different challenges and frustrations in your career than other engineers do
I am using careertyping to help determine my college major. What are the steps to do this?

Since careertyping is linked to O*Net, you're able to find information about college majors from each of your job matches. To do this, you will:

  1. Go to the Career Analysis section of your report.
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, click on the job title you are interested in learning more about.
  3. After clicking on the job title, you will be redirected to that job's "My Next Move" page on O*Net.
  4. From here, you will see a lot of valuable information about the job! If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you're able to see a section called Education.
  5. From here, you may click on the "Find Training" button. This allows you to search for colleges and programs custom to your State or US Zip Code. You can learn more about the college by clicking on each school.
  6. You may also choose to gain a certification in the field, which you can do by clicking on the "Find Certifications" button. From here you will see a list of certifications and the respective organizations that offer them.

I reviewed my careertyping report—what should I do next?

We recommend taking your time reviewing your report data and responding to the Career Synthesis and Type Your Story sections of the report. Make sure to also explore your career options in O*Net by clicking on the job title links in the report.

After you've done your research and hypothesized about your future path, talk it over with those close to you—family, friends, mentors, counselors—to get their perspective. If you took notes on the Career Synthesis or Type Your Story sections of the report, use these to guide the conversations you have. Also, consider which projects and previous experiences you've found most energizing and inspiring. With these data points, you can then start to refine your career plan.

The final step is choosing a career path. Make sure to reference the Interview Techniques section of your report as you start to act on your plan. And, if you ever unexpectedly find that your career choice isn't the right fit, you can always consult your careertyping report for reference as you re-think your future.